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Welcome to Rainy Day Books. We're happy you're here. Looking for something good to read? This week our staff is talking about The Swimmer. In this debut thriller, a young woman is caught in a decades-old political conspiracy. Full of lies, spies, and plenty of twists, this is the perfect book for spring break! You'll find it and many more recommendations right inside our door!

ISBN: 9780062337245
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Harper - February 10th, 2015

Early 1980s, Damascus. A nameless American spy abandons his newborn child to an uncertain fate. His inability to forgive himself for what he has done leads him on a lifelong quest to escape his past that will take him to Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq--anywhere where the danger and the stress allow him to forget. Thirty years later, EU aide Klara Walldeen is learning to navigate the world of politics--the lines between friend and enemy, truth and lies. But Klara has just seen something she should not have: a laptop containing information so sensitive that people will kill to keep it hidden. Suddenly she is thrown into a terrifying chase through Europe, with no idea who is hunting her or why.