AT&T provides Rainy Day Books with a high quality and high speed integrated Digital T1 PRI Data Line, Enhanced Business Class High Speed DSL / Fax Line, whisper-clear Voice Lines, Local / Long Distance services and Wireless Mobility for our Apple iPads, iPhones and USBConnect Cards.  Danielle Adams, AT&T Regional Sales Manager, Regional Business Markets, handled all of our Telecommunication Business Solutions through a one-source relationship and she integrates all of our AT&T services with other high quality product & service vendors.  Danielle won-back Rainy Day Books and replaced our Sprint service that we used from 2004 to 2006, with a state-of-the-art AT&T digital system.  Danielle worked with her AT&T Technical Support Group to handle the details in the foreground and background with professional proficiency and she followed through every step of the way to complete the project with extraordinary satisfactory results the first time.  Danielle referred me to Bealyndia Madsen, AT&T Mobility, Small Business, Business Account Executive, Midwest Region, and we worked together to acquire and integrate our Apple iPhones into our company.  Edward Winkler, Apple Business Partner also worked with Bealyndia and me to acquire and integrate our Apple iPhones into our company.  Rainy Day Books can highly recommend Danielle, Bealyndia and Edward because of their competence and integrity.  Danielle can be reached at her Office at 816-275-2705 and by her E-mail at  Bealyndia can be reached at her Office at 816-275-7612 and by her E-mail at  Edward can be reached at his Office at 816-960-3700, Ext. 3 and by his E-mail at   Visit and for more information.