KCPT Channel 19

KCPT Public Television 19 will use the power of telecommunications to enrich people's lives. Kansas City Public Television strives to be a vital source of common cultural, intellectual and educational experiences for people in the communities we reach. With digital technology, KCPT will develop a leadership role in providing partnerships with educational institutions, civic organizations, fine and performing arts groups and members of the health service community. The people at Kansas City Public Television believe in the egalitarian principles on which our nation is based, responding to the needs of all people in the communities we serve. We respect the individual, value diversity of thought and expression, and recognize the unique contributions of our volunteers, funders and viewers. KCPT is public-spirited, operates as a public trust and exercises the highest ethical and professional standards. KCPT Public Television 19, Inc., 125 E 31st Street, Kansas City, MO 64108, Phone: 816-756-3580, Fax: 816-931-2500, E-mail: kcpt@kcpt.org Visit www.kcpt.org for more information.