The Roasterie | Air-Roasted Coffee


Our Good Friend, Danny O'Neill, Founder, President & "Bean Baron" of The Roasterie delivers the World's Best Air-Roasted Coffee by Day and by Night.  Watch the Daytime Video of Danny's DC-3 Air Plane with Tail Number NC5931 be Lifted above Kansas City and parked atop The Roasterie World Headquarters.

The DC-3 Air Plane is a Tribute to "Captian Terry O'Neill."  Danny & Carla's son is named "Terry."

I had fun taking a Nighttime Photo of Danny's DC-3 Air Plane on the 1st Day, Tuesday, September 18, 2012, that it was mounted atop The Roasterie World Headquarters.  People ask me how I took that Photo.  I took the Handheld Photo with my Apple iPhone 4S with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) Setting.  I placed my fingure on the Shutter Button and carefully lifted my fingure off for a clear and steady Photo.  Tapping the Shutter Button makes Photos blurry.  This is a recommended Photo Technique that my Cinematographer son Burke Doeren demonstrated to me. 

Quality in all things matters 1st and foremost!

Live Life to the Fullest,

Roger Doeren

Chief Operations Officer, Rainy Day Books, Inc.


The Roasterie | Air-Roasted Coffee

1204 W 27th Street

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