Murray the Smallest Owl (Softcover)

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Murray the Smallest Owl by Anita Morris (AKA The Owl Lady)

About Murray the Smallest Owl:  Murray the Smallest Owl is a story about Murray the Burrowing Owl who is bullied by other birds of prey from the falconry where he lives.  Murray is left feeling sad and alone until his best friend Alexander Goodwin of Alexander's Journey helps him to recognize his individual talents.  Together they go to visit a Countess in her home in England.  Murray learns that being different is great.  This charming Book includes photographs of Murray and the different birds of prey, and of Murray with his best friend Alex.  Children learn about different birds of prey through interesting facts about the birds featured.  The Book also includes worksheets to help children to recognize their talents and to help them to learn what to do when they see or hear someone being bullied.  Murray the Smallest Owl is ideal for children of Elementary School age.

About the Author:  Anita Morris (AKA The Owl Lady) is a Psychologist based in the UK and Director of Hack Back CIC, a community organization.  She regularly works with children and adults helping them to recognize their personal value, and build self-esteem and confidence.  She works in schools and in the UK National Health Service improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.  She is a firm believer in the healing power of nature, and a pioneer in the use of birds of prey as a conduit to personal development.  Anita met Alexander Goodwin and his family through social media 12 months ago in 2016.  Since then Anita and Alex have developed a friendship based on a love of dinosaurs, nature and birds of prey, especially Owls.

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