Nest Egg: How to Build Yours... Then Turn It into Something Extraordinary

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This is not your standard "how-to" investment book. It is much, much more. 

This is a book that teaches you how to take the long-term investment view and build emotional discipline for creating and managing your Nest Egg. It list four key steps instrumental to your long-term investing success. It is a collection of a investment quotes, adages, and wisdom collected by the author over 35 years, presented in a friendly, helpful manner. He reviews both simple and complex investment strategies and explains many often-intimidating investment terms. There is no sales pitch here.

It is a review of several of the most classic investment texts and investing guidance written by noted and respected authors including Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Jeremy Siegel and Howard Marks.

"Nest Egg" is also about the importance of building relationships and crediting and paying back those who have helped you succeed. It is about having a retirement plan years ahead of the day you stop working so that you can fully enjoy what you have built in your golden years and have a smooth transition to something else that is important to you. Moreover, it is a book about the joy of giving in both small and large ways, and how generosity can actually be more gratifying than building your Nest Egg in the first place!

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