Sam Gets Adopted ~ Author Autographed Softcover

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About the Book:  Sam was a real dog, who was adopted by a real family.  He was an older, black mutt - the type that has the hardest time getting adopted.  It was a match!  This is the story of his adoption and how he changed that family forever.

About the Author:  Annie Presley intended to write stories for kids about Sam since her family adopted him in 2005.  Since then she has retired from professional fundraising and co-authored the “Read This…®” Series of Guided Journals.  Gone but not forgotten, this is the first of many stories about the adventures her family shared with Sam.

About the Illustrator:  John Keeling has recently retired as a Hallmark artist after 29 years.  He begins each drawing with pencil or ink, then paints with watercolor seeking both lost and found edges.  A dog owner and lover, he is the perfect choice to illustrate Sam.

Praise For...  Annie Presley writes stories with passion and purpose.  Annie shares her expertise and insights into life's challenges in her “Read This…®” Series of Guided Journals.  Annie now shares her empathetic and sympathetic heartfelt family stories of their life journey and life lessons with their dog Sam.  Look to Annie to take the readers on adventurous journeys with her Dog Spirit "Sam" Series. ~ Roger Doeren, Rainy Day Books

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