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She'll light the fire of resistance—but she may get burned…

1942. Though she survived the bomb that destroyed her home, Yvonne Rudellat's life is over. She's estranged from her husband, her daughter is busy with war work, and Yvonne—older, diminutive, overlooked—has lost all purpose. Until she's offered a chance to remake herself entirely…

The war has taken a turn for the worse, and the men in charge are desperate. So, when Yvonne is recruited as Britain's first female sabotage agent, expectations are low. But her tenacity, ability to go unnoticed, and aptitude for explosives set her apart. Soon enough she arrives in occupied France with a new identity, ready to set the Nazi regime ablaze.

But there are adversaries on all sides. As Yvonne becomes infamous as the nameless, unstoppable woman who burns the enemy at every turn, she realizes she may lose herself to the urgent needs of the cause…

Based on a true story, The Woman With No Name is a gripping story of secrets, spies, and the women behind the Resistance, from USA Today bestselling author Audrey Blake.

About the Author

AUDREY BLAKE has a split personality— because she is the creative alter ego of Regina Sirois and Jaima Fixsen, two authors who met online in a survivor style writing contest. They live 1500 miles apart, but both are prairie girls: Jaima hails from Alberta, Canada, and Regina from the wheatfields of Kansas. Both are addicted to history, words, and stories of redoubtable women, and agree that their friendship, better and longer lasting than any other prize, is proof that good things happen in this random, crazy universe.

Praise For…

"You will feel like you know Yvonne Rudellat from the start. Rather than a superhero, she’s an ordinary woman who makes extraordinary sacrifices for her country. A mother. A spy. A saboteur. Yvonne becomes who she needs to be in order to help her country during WWII. Her story is as fast-paced as it is well-researched. Authenticity shows itself on every page. It was a pleasure to read, as well as an education about the heroics of the French Resistance. I can’t imagine a more heroic woman than Yvonne Rudellat, who exemplified the courage of so many men and women whose stories may never be told." — Diane Hanks, author of The Woman With A Purple Heart

"An enthralling, based-on-truth story about a remarkable woman whose courage and determination to create a new, meaningful life at a time when she feels invisible to everyone, including her estranged husband and grown daughter, which is as heartrending as it is inspiring. Yvonne Rudellat was the first female SOE-trained agent in occupied France in WWII and the kind of independent, strongminded and daring person you’d want at your side. I cycled alongside her as she pedaled through the French countryside, held my breath as she learned to swim, fumed with her as she was compelled to prove her worth time and again, and rooted for her at every explosive turn. Rich in detail, action, and emotion, The Woman with No Name breathes life into the legacy of one of many women whose lives demand celebration. Bravo, Yvonne and Audrey Blake!" — Penny Haw, author of The Invincible Miss Cust and The Woman at the Wheel

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