Author Autographed Books make Great Gifts!

We are delighted to offer an array of Author Autographed Books.  Limited Quantities of each Title are available for Purchase.  First Editions are Noted, and all other Books are sequential Editions & Printings.  All Author Autographed Book Sales are Final with No Refunds or Exchanges.  Kansas Sales Tax will be applied to all Orders, regardless of destination.  All Book Orders are carefully packed in bubble wrap and placed in boxes because we respect Books as much as you do!  11122019  

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FIRST EDITION. Author Autographed by Hank Green! Limited quantity!

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The Twilight Saga!  All four Hardcover Books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) Author Autographed by Stephenie Meyer.  Breaking Dawn is Autographed on a Special Rainy Day Books Bookplate, all other Books are Autographed directly on the Title Page. These books are all unread, in very good condition. Signed in 2008 by Stephenie Meyer, we're excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Twilight!