Our Jeff Passan Author Event has to be Postponed.

EVENT POSTPONED:  Our Jeff Passan Author Event has to be Postponed.   Jeff Passan is the Lead Baseball Columnist at Yahoo! Sports and Kansas City native, and the Author of The New York Times Bestselling Hardcover The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports Danny Parkins, Host of The Drive with Danny, and CDot on 610 AM Sports Radio was to moderate an Audience Interview.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jeff Passan is the Lead Baseball Columnist at Yahoo! Sports and Co-Author of Death to the BCS: The Definitive Case against the Bowl Championship Series.  He covered Baseball for The Kansas City Star until 2006 and has a Degree in Journalism from Syracuse University.  Readers can follow Jeff Passan on Twitter @JeffPassan.  He lives outside of Kansas City.

ABOUT THE NEW BOOK:  For nearly 40 Years, Jeff Passan has traveled the World to better understand The Arm and its place in baseball’s past, present, and future.  He got the inside story of how the Chicago Cubs decided to spend $155,000,000.00 on One Arm!  He sat down with Sandy Koufax, whose career ended at 30 because of Arm injuries, for a rare one-on-one interview.  He went to Japan to understand how another baseball-mad culture treats its Arms.  And he followed two major league pitchers, Daniel Hudson (White Sox, Diamondbacks 2010-present) and Todd Coffey (Reds, Brewers, Nationals, Dodgers, Mariners, Braves), throughout their returns from Tommy John surgery, the procedure named for the man who first underwent it more than 40 Years ago after he tore his ulnar collateral ligament.

Jeff Passan discovered a culture that struggles with preventing Arm injuries and lacks the support for the rash of changes necessary to do so.  Competition has gotten in the way of the greater good with teams hesitant to invest in a solution that will be utilized by their rivals.  However, “this is not an MLB issue,” former Boston Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington told Passan.  “This is a Baseball issue.” Injuries to the elbow start as early as Little League, and without a drastic shift another generation of Pitchers will fall prey to the same problem that vexes the current one.

The epidemic is only getting worse, and The Arm serves as a wakeup call for a generation of parents who after reading Hudson and Coffey’s stories will understand Tommy John surgery isn’t something anyone would wish upon their child.  It’s a problem worth solving.  I hope you will want to share this timely book with your audience, and I look forward to discussing coverage opportunities with you.

EVENT POSTPONED.  DATE & TIME:  Thursday, June 09, 2016 at 7:00 PM

EVENT POSTPONED.  LOCATION:  Unity Temple on The Plaza, Chapel, 707 W 47th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64112

EVENT POSTPONED:  Jeff Passan will be In Conversation about his New York Times Bestselling Hardcover The Arm and Baseball with the audience and moderated by Danny Parkins, Host of The Drive with Danny, and CDot on 610 AM Sports Radio.  A Booksigning will follow the Presentation.  A Stamped Admission Ticket is required for the Booksigning.

EVENT POSTPONED.  ADMISSION PACKAGE:  $26.99 plus Kansas Sales Tax includes One Author Autographed Hardcover of The Arm, One Stamped Autographing Admission Ticket, and One Guest Admission Ticket (if needed).  It's your choice for the same price.  

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Event date: 
Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 7:00pm
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EVENT POSTPONED. Unity Temple on The Plaza, Chapel
707 W 47th Street
Kansas City, MO 64112
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AUTOGRAPHED BOOK ONLY: One Author Autographed Hardcover of The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports by Jeff Passan.

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