Philip Kerr will present his new mystery Prussian Blue: A Bernie Gunther Novel

EVENT OVERVIEW:  Philip Kerr, Internationally Bestselling Author will Present his New Hardcover Mystery Prussian Blue: A Bernie Gunther Novel.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Philip Kerr is the Author of the widely acclaimed Bernie Gunther Novels, including The Other Side of Silence, The Lady From Zagreb, A Man Without Breath, Prague Fatale, and Field Gray, all New York Times Bestsellers.  Field Gray and The Lady From Zagreb were both finalists for the Edgar Award for Best Novel.  Kerr has also been a finalist for the Shamus Award and the Winner of the British Crime Writers’ Association Ellis Peters Historical Award.  Under the name P. B. Kerr, he is the Author of the much‐loved Young Adult (YA) Eeries Children of the Lamp.  He lives in London.

ABOUT THE NEW BOOK:  One of Fiction’s most compelling and unusual protagonists, Bernie Gunther is a man with an impossible task—a German detective trying to enforce the law and preserve a shred of his battered integrity during the Nazi and post‐World War II periods.

Kerr’s ingenious, atmospheric thriller opens in 1956 on the French Riviera, where Bernie has been lying low as a hotel concierge after barely surviving World War II, first as Berlin’s top police detective and later on the Eastern Front.  But his past is inescapable, and it has come back to haunt him in an old and not always friendly acquaintance, the deputy head of the East German secret police, who insists most forcefully that he go to England and poison a female agent with whom Bernie had once been romantically involved.  Although this is an assignment that Bernie dare not refuse, it is one he will desperately attempt to evade, by breaking away from his Stasi escorts on a French train and attempting to make his way back to Germany, where he paradoxically hopes to hide in plain sight.

During this perilous journey, Bernie is drawn back to 1939 and one of his most treacherous criminal cases by the appearance of another old acquaintance.  With Europe on the brink of war, Bernie is ordered to solve the killing of an official at Hitler’s hideaway at Obersalzberg in the Bavarian Alps.  There, he finds himself not only plunged into a roiling cauldron of murder, betrayal, and corruption, but also caught in the middle of a deadly turf battle between two of the Fuhrer’s chief lieutenants.

Given only a week to solve the crime before Hitler’s return, Bernie is offered a potent stimulant—methamphetamine—that allows him to function without sleep for days on end.  With the body count mounting all around him, and his own life increasingly in danger, Bernie is damned if he doesn’t break the case, and even more damned if he discovers that one of Germany’s leading Nazis is the killer.  As Kerr’s gripping narrative alternates between 1939 and 1956, the connection between the events of the two different eras is shockingly revealed in the novel’s fiery conclusion.

DATE & TIME:  Thursday, April 06, 2017 at 7:00 PM

LOCATION:  A Rainy Day Books Event at Mid-Continent Public Library, Woodneath Library Center, 8900 NE Flintlock Rd, Kansas City, Missouri 64157

EVENT FORMAT:  Philip Kerr will discuss his life and work, Present his New Hardcover Mystery Prussian Blue and answer audience questions.  A Booksigning will follow the Presentation.

ADMISSION PACKAGE:  This is a Complimentary OPEN House Event.  Registration is Required at or Call the Library at 816-883-4900.  Seating is General Admission.  Rainy Day Books will have Philip Kerr’s Books for Sale at this Event.

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Event date: 
Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
Mid-Continent Public Library, Woodneath Library Center
8900 NE Flintlock Road
Kansas City, MO 64157
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