The Book of Charlie: Wisdom from the Remarkable American Life of a 109-Year-Old Man ~ Author Autographed Hardcover by David Von Drehle

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About the Book

One of our nation’s most prominent writers finds the truth about how to live a long and happy life in the centenarian next door.

When a veteran Washington journalist moved to Kansas, he met a new neighbor who was more than a century old. Little did he know that he was beginning a long friendship—and a profound lesson in the meaning of life. Charlie White was no ordinary neighbor. Born before radio, Charlie lived long enough to use a smartphone. When a shocking tragedy interrupted his idyllic boyhood, Charlie mastered survival strategies that reflect thousands of years of human wisdom. Thus armored, Charlie’s sense of adventure carried him on an epic journey across the continent, and later found him swinging across bandstands of the Jazz Age, racing aboard ambulances through Depression-era gangster wars, improvising techniques for early open-heart surgery, and cruising the Amazon as a guest of Peru’s president.

David Von Drehle came to understand that Charlie’s resilience and willingness to grow made this remarkable neighbor a master in the art of thriving through times of dramatic change. As a gift to his children, he set out to tell Charlie’s secrets. The Book of Charlie is a gospel of grit—the inspiring story of one man’s journey through a century of upheaval. The history that unfolds through Charlie’s story reminds you that the United States has always been a divided nation, a questing nation, an inventive nation—a nation of Charlies in the rollercoaster pursuit of a good and meaningful life.

About the Author

David Von Drehle is a Columnist for The Washington Post, where he writes about national affairs and politics from a home base in the Midwest.  He joined The Washington Post in 2017 after a decade at Time, where he wrote more than sixty cover stories as editor-at-large.  He is the Author of a number of books, including the Award-Winning Bestseller Triangle: The Fire That Changed America.  He lives in Kansas City with his wife, journalist Karen Ball.  They have 4 children.

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