The Pulse of Hope (Hardcover)

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Two-time Lifetime Legacy Award Recipient, Founder of the William A. and Mary J. Reed Cardiovascular Surgery Center and chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases at the University of Kansas Hospital, William A. Reed, MD, has seen it all.  “I remember the public hysteria surrounding polio which was worse in some ways to the fears today over EVD,” Dr. Reed said, “but whether polio, heart disease or a heart transplant people must have hope.”

Dr. Reed's new memoir is titled The Pulse of Hope.  Dr. Reed has established himself as a pioneer in heart transplantation, a nationally renowned horseman, a poet, philosopher and philanthropist who has endowed charitable causes and scholarships, universities, churches and medical institutions. Born into a childhood of poverty, hunger, and deprivation in 1927, his remarkable memoir takes you from his humble beginnings to a life of service to others.  What he has to say about faith, healing, passion, and purpose makes the piece a required reading for a new millennium.

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