The Prancestor Project (Paperback)

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David Denlon-a quirky, reclusive anthropology professor-has made a secret find, but it may cost him his life.

Readers who like sci-fi based on real science and dramatic thrillers with romance and a thought-provoking theme, will love this page-turning, action-packed adventure

David's search for preancient zircon has led him to a startling discovery-not just evidence of life on Earth a billion years ago, but evidence of human life.

Humankind that came and went before the evolution of our own race ever began.

Human beings that had made advancements we have yet to make.

But wealthy, well-connected Patrick Veeder, known as a do-gooder for his philanthropy and respected for his Harvard degree, is executing a calculated plan to murder David and steal his evidence. He will use this find to build even more financial and political dominance.

David doesn't trust the covert operatives who show up, claiming to be helping him. Not even the one he's falling for. But he'll have to learn their ways to stay alive.

As Veeder closes in, there's more to uncover at David's site. Something our long-lost sisters and brothers left for us... something that could keep us from repeating their fall into extinction.

But can a misfit professor and his thrown-together team translate the instructions from our sister-race and carry them out before Veeder turns the whole world against them?

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578331553
ISBN-10: 0578331551
Publisher: Christine Morse
Publication Date: April 8th, 2022
Pages: 548
Language: English

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