Erotic Verses: A collection of erotic poems and short stories Vol. I.5 (Paperback)

Erotic Verses: A collection of erotic poems and short stories Vol. I.5 By P. D. Baldwin Cover Image
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In her wildest dreams, Yvette never imagined that a kiss from her childhood crush could ignite a passion that set would set the riverfront ablaze. Brandon never dreamed that finding his high school sweetheart on Facebook would rekindle their old flame. And who would have thought that a simple bet amongst friends would take them on a journey so intense that it would change their lives forever. What do these couples share in common? They threw caution to the wind. With no inhibitions and a willingness to fan the flames of lust, they achieved a level of ecstasy that most people have never felt. For readers who endeavor to strike a balance between physical and emotional stimulation, Erotic Verses encourages you to indulge in a full gamut of lustful fantasies. From a man who sets out to fulfill his lover's hidden fantasies to Pierce who lust for his upstairs neighbor culminates into an escapade that neither of them will forget, this first book in the series is brimming with tales of scintillating sexual pleasure. Each imaginative and inventive scene will not judge leave you on the edge of your seat. They will make it impossible for you to sit down From the very first page of Erotic Verses encourage you to open minds and throw away your inhibitions in the name of sexual pleasure. By giving in to the sensual language and vivid imagery, you'll be instantly engaged in a rousing demonstration of pure physicality, stroking your hidden desires until you explode in orgasmic ecstasy Winner of the 2014 Dayton Book Expo Best-Selling Fiction Award.

About the Author

P. D. Baldwin is an award winning writer, thinker, and creator who gains creative inspiration from everything from comic books, graphic novels, and video games to TV, movies, and real life experiences. Having discovered his passion for creative writing at an early age, Baldwin continues to invent new and exciting stories for a variety of genres. His current collection of erotic short stories, poems, and novels reflects his desire to forge a new literary path that will provide enjoyment for all types of readers.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780615869247
ISBN-10: 0615869246
Publisher: Dark Half Productions, LLC
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2013
Pages: 114
Language: English

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