The Calm Baby Cookbook: A Breastfeeding Diet to Calm Your Fussy Baby (Paperback)

The Calm Baby Cookbook: A Breastfeeding Diet to Calm Your Fussy Baby By Beingessner L. Melanie Cover Image
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Use This Book To Turn Your Fussy, Crying Baby Into a Happy, Calm Baby

What many new breastfeeding mothers don't realize is that a fussy, gassy, colicky, crying baby can be reacting negatively to the foods that she eats Everything that a breastfeeding mother eats or drinks ends up in her breastmilk and some babies have difficulties digesting these food proteins. The lining of their digestive system becomes irritated and they become uncomfortable... and they fuss and cry to let you know about it.

Most crying babies are soothed with another breastfeeding session that will lead to another fussing session sooner rather than later, and so the cycle continues. To break this cycle, you simply have to change what you're eating. That is a little easier said than done, so Dr. Melanie Beingessner has shared everything you need to know in her latest book.

The Calm Baby Cookbook outlines:

  • Possible physical reasons why your baby could be experiencing pain
  • The foods that commonly cause breastfeeding babies discomfort
  • Advice on how to begin eliminating these foods
  • 100 delicious breastfeeding-friendly recipes to get started

The Calm Baby Cookbook is written by Dr. Melanie Beingessner, a pediatric focused chiropractor with over 20 years of experience in helping pregnant women transition into motherhood. Dr. Melanie is a breastfeeding counselor, a certified infant massage instructor and the mother of three fabulous kids (exclusively breastfed as babies).

With her personal experience of a fussy breastfeeding baby (and figuring out what to do to help), and that of her breastfeeding patients over the past 15 years, Dr. Melanie has identified a short-term food elimination diet for breastfeeding moms to quickly calm their baby's digestive system. The result is usually a dramatic decrease in fussiness and crying within days of eliminating specific foods.

Here are two recent experiences of Dr. Melanie's breastfeeding patients after trying the Calm Baby Cookbook's advice:

"When Conner was about 2 months old he started to seem uncomfortable and extremely gassy which was affecting his sleep and he was no longer the happy baby we were used to. Upon mentioning to Dr. Melanie this new change in behaviour she suggested removing certain foods from my diet to see if it made a difference for Conner since he is breastfed. After removing dairy from my diet he was a new baby. He was less gassy and was sleeping much better at night. He also returned to the happy baby we were used to. -Allison B. Mother of 2

"I came to Dr. Melanie with concerns about my daughter's gas pains and reflux. Blake would cry throughout the day and the night as well. I tried colic medicines, the bicycle pumps with her legs, different ways of positioning her and warm baths. Nothing worked. I had heard that chiropractic adjustments could help, so I thought that I'd give it a try. Dr. Melanie noticed tension in her spine, her stomach and suggested that I should change my diet. It was amazing Within a week, Blake was a calmer and happier baby, and of course I was a happy mama as well. Doing an elimination diet made a noticeable difference almost immediately. Our day to day routine is much easier and less stressful on my husband and myself. The Calm Baby Cookbook has wonderful recipes that are a great help." -Beth P. New Mom

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