Deepfakes: The Coming Infocalypse (Hardcover)

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Uncover everything you need to know about "deepfakes" and what could become the biggest information and communications meltdown in world history.

In a world of deepfakes, it will soon be impossible to tell what is real and what isn't. As advances in artificial intelligence, video creation, and online trolling continue, deepfakes pose not only a real threat to democracy -- they threaten to take voter manipulation to unprecedented new heights. This crisis of misinformation which we now face has since been dubbed the "Infocalypse."

In DEEPFAKES, investigative journalist Nina Schick uses her expertise from working in the field to reveal shocking examples of deepfakery and explain the dangerous political consequences of the Infocalypse, both in terms of national security and what it means for public trust in politics. This all-too-timely book also unveils what this all means for us as individuals, how deepfakes will be used to intimidate and to silence, for revenge and fraud, and just how truly unprepared governments and tech companies are for what's coming.

About the Author

Nina Schick regularly contributes to international broadcasters including CNN, Bloomberg, Sky, and the BBC. Her work has been published by the Times, the Telegraph, and the New Statesman, amongst others. She is a political commentator, advisor, and public speaker, specializing in how technology is reshaping politics in the 21st century. She holds degrees from Cambridge University and University College London. She divides her time between London, Berlin and Kathmandu.

Praise For…

"Those concerned with the criminal side of technology will learn from Schick's well-mounted argument."—Kirkus

"Schick's DEEPFAKES is a short, sharp book that hits you like a punch in the stomach."—Nick Cohen, The Observer

"With this powerful book, Nina Schick has done us all a great public service. It's a brilliant guide to the challenges facing our information ecosystem. It's your civic duty to read it."—Jamie Susskind, award-winning author of Future Politics: Living Together in a World Transformed by Tech

"A searing insight into a world so many of us find difficult to understand. I was gripped from the first page and read the book in one sitting. The lessons I learned from it will stay with me for a long time."—Iain Dale, broadcaster, Leading Britain's Conversation

"Gripping, alarming and morally vital. Reading this book is like being ushered into a terrifying new world where nothing can be trusted. Thankfully Nina Schick guides us through it in a reassuringly old-fashioned way: with diligence, breezy storytelling, expert insight and a tried-and-tested commitment to accuracy."—Ian Dunt, author of Brexit: What the Hell Happens Next?

"DEEPFAKES is an uncomfortable but gripping read, probing the way in which the internet has been flooded with disinformation and dark arts propaganda dubbed by Schick as 'the Infocalypse'-and how that has undermined democracies in the world. The book sketches out an alarming future where convincing fakes will make it even harder for citizens to disentangle truth from lies, and I would advise policy-makers to read it."—Jim Pickard, chief political correspondent, The Financial Times

Product Details
ISBN: 9781538754306
ISBN-10: 1538754304
Publisher: Twelve
Publication Date: August 25th, 2020
Pages: 224
Language: English

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