Purged Souls (Paperback)

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Lori wants to restore order to a world ravaged by virus, violence, and dropping birthrates. But the rage that fueled her rise from hungry teenager to Special Forces colonel has left her with few allies. When a mortally-wounded soldier disappears from the hospital amid a cover up, Lori reaches beyond official channels to her only remaining friend, Mika.

Orphaned at eight, Mika lives across a fortified border, away from the spotlight. But he could never say no to Lori, so he gets dragged into a world of secrets and deceit. Together, they uncover a conspiracy that assassinated two heads of state to start a war, all to hide the true nature of the virus that nearly destroyed the human race.

With time running out, Lori has to disobey direct orders and embrace new allegiances. The problem is, the rage that powers her also distorts her moral compass, which hasn't been reliable in the best of times.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781643882499
ISBN-10: 164388249X
Publisher: Luminare Press
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2020
Pages: 418
Language: English

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