Dear Diary (Mass Market)

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Something’s always been off with Eva Moss, but in the African American community, everything is prayed away, including “crazy.”

What happens when the answer to prayer is therapy and medication? According to Eva’s mother, that’s taboo. All it takes is a little more Jesus, and Eva will be normal.

Normal never lasts long.

After Eva’s brother, Michael, is killed in a car accident, she is finally admitted to the psych ward for help. Stabilization seems within reach, until a quick trip to the pharmacy brings her face to face with Myles, the man responsible for taking her brother away from her.

When Myles turns up dead, Eva has to prove her innocence. According to her, she didn’t kill Myles; her deceased brother did. Can she stand trial? Should she stand trial? The question remains: was Myles’ murder a result of her mental health disorder or premeditated murder?

About the Author

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, now a resident of Georgia, Niko Michelle began writing as a way to escape an unpleasant childhood. Writing allowed her to create a different reality. As long as she had paper and a writing utensil, she was able to go anywhere she wanted to go and be anything she wanted to be. To learn more about Niko and stay updated on all her happenings, visit

Product Details
ISBN: 9781645565253
ISBN-10: 1645565254
Publisher: Urban Renaissance
Publication Date: September 26th, 2023
Pages: 320
Language: English

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