Coffee Run (Paperback)

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As COVID restrictions begin to lessen, recently widowed D travels to Calgary, Alberta, to present a workshop at a pastors' conference. But as conference activities wind down, the Anti-Christian Coalition attacks churches in North America, killing thousands. As part of their attack on Christians, the ACC tries to kidnap her and six of her co-presenters in an attempt to silence her and the podcasts she broadcasts on a regular basis. D inadvertently evades the kidnappers, and they begin to pursue her across two countries as she makes her way back to her family assisted by the Christian Freedom Militia. In the process of evading the ACC, D works though the process of grieving and stagnation and recovers the vibrant faith she once enjoyed when her husband was with her. Cheryl grew up in the Fort Collins, Colorado and completed her bachelor's degree at Colorado State University before relocating to Mullen, Nebraska, for her first teaching job. Cheryl is blessed with a beautiful family including two daughters, two sons-in-law, two stepsons, a step daughter-in-law and seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Cheryl and Dennis worked with pastors in Nebraska. They had a music and teaching ministry and eventually took a call to pastor in Kansas. Cheryl currently works as an online art teacher for NorthStar Academy and continues to minister in that capacity.

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ISBN: 9781662832208
ISBN-10: 1662832206
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: November 28th, 2021
Pages: 460
Language: English

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