Keto Meal Prep Cookbook 2018: The Ultimate Guide of Keto Diet Meal Prep for Beginners to Lose Weight, Save Time & Money, and Have Low Carb Dishes (Paperback)

Keto Meal Prep Cookbook 2018: The Ultimate Guide of Keto Diet Meal Prep for Beginners to Lose Weight, Save Time & Money, and Have Low Carb Dishes Cover Image
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Ketogenic Diet is one of the most recommended and successful ways to shed weight. It has come as an answer to many people out there who were struggling with over-weight and fighting daily battles with their own self.

Many people have gained back their lost confidence and charisma by going keto. You can be next. Give ketosis a genuine try and the results will speak for themselves.

This Complete Keto Meal Prep guide book will be your only choice about your Keto journey Inside this book, you will find all you need to know about how to have a successful Ketogenic diet

Not only will you lose your excess weight, but also will you have many other benefits by following it You will be slimmer or stronger, have better mood and skin, have more energy and be active, have less disease and be healthier, and the most important is that you can still have your favorite recipes without any starvation

Let me quickly show you some points I covered in this book:

  1. Ketosis is a state of body that is achieved by following a low-carb, moderate-protein, and high-fat diet.
  2. It allows your body to become a fat burning machine.
  3. You should properly monitor your macros and calculate the intake of each.
  4. Know more about keto flu and how to get over it.
  5. Exercise a lot. It will help to make most from the ketosis.
  6. Formulate a diet chart for yourself.
  7. Make due preparations before going keto. It will ease many difficulties that you may encounter.
  8. Keep your keto staples and pantry ready.
  9. Process the veggies, freeze berries, make broths, and condiments. Be keto ready.
  10. Know what you should eat and drink in abundance and what you should avoid.
  11. Treat yourself every day with the marvelous keto recipes. Give each a try.

Dear readers, it is high time that you move out of your comfortable carb zone and step into the world of ketones. I am sure that you will see the wonderful results coming in no time. After all, who doesn't want to fit back into those completely forgotten skinny and slim-fit dresses?

All the best for your keto diet journey.

I hope you rediscover a more slim, fit, and confident version of yourself in just a few weeks. Keep calm and keto on

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ISBN: 9781724847713
ISBN-10: 1724847716
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 6th, 2018
Pages: 104
Language: English


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