Escaping from Eden: Does Genesis Teach That the Human Race Was Created by God or Engineered by Ets? (Paperback)

Escaping from Eden: Does Genesis Teach That the Human Race Was Created by God or Engineered by Ets? Cover Image
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'...poses all those difficult questions we may have longed to ask for ourselves. We come away enriched' Most Revd & Rt Hon David Hope, former Archbishop of York The familiar stories of the book of Genesis affirm that God made the universe, planet earth, and you and me. However, various anomalies in the text clue us that we are not reading the original version of these stories. So what were the original narratives and what did they say about who we are and where we all came from? What was the earlier story of human origins, almost obliterated from the Hebrew Scriptures in the 6th century BC, and suppressed from Christian writing in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD? And what does any of this have to do with Extra Terrestrials? Escaping from Eden will take you on a journey around the world and into the mythologies of ancient Sumeria, Mesoamerica, India, Africa, and Greece to reveal a profound secret, hidden in plain sight in the text of the Bible. Far reaching and deeply controversial, this book points to truths about ourselves, the universe and everything that you may have long suspected but not dared to speak.

About the Author

Paul Anthony Wallis is a researcher, speaker and author on spirituality and mysticism. He is a healing practitioner and has worked as a theological educator and as an Archdeacon for the Anglican Church in Australia. Paul's latest work probes the world's mythologies for their collective memory of human origins. He lives in Casey, Australia.

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ISBN: 9781789043877
ISBN-10: 1789043875
Publisher: Axis Mundi Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2020
Pages: 168
Language: English

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