The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners: 50+ Easy, Flavorful Recipes for Lifelong Health (Paperback)

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The Mediterranean diet is based on the Greek and Italian cultures' easy eating habits. It's a straightforward diet based on the principles of seasonal feeding, basic ingredients, minimal to no processing, and macronutrient balance. It's a low-carb diet with a lot of good fat sources like olive oil and fish. When you stop thinking about it, the "Med diet" makes a lot of sense Limiting red meat intake, consuming organic, whole carbs like bread and beans, and limiting refined sugar consumption.

Since it contains good fats and Omega fatty acids from nuts, olive oil, and fish, the Mediterranean diet is beneficial to the heart. Furthermore, including fresh vegetables and fiber-rich legumes in your diet will help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Fiber-rich foods are beneficial to the digestive system and can aid in the prevention of bowel cancer. Our blood sugar is stable and at a safe level because we avoid refined carbohydrates and sugars, lowering our risk of diabetes and obesity.

Furthermore, a nutrient-dense diet rich in healthy fat provides us with plenty of energy, glowing skin, and better overall health. Meal prepping is essentially the art of making a "Blueprint" of all the food you'll consume for the next few days or weeks. This method of blueprinting is combined with the technique of carefully pre-preparing the ingredients for your meals and keeping them in separate boxes so that you can easily prepare the meal when the time comes.

This book covers

- Breakfast recipes

- Appetizers and snacks

- Main dish

- Vegetables and side dishes

- Soup and stew recipes

And much more

The Mediterranean diet and eating habits are beneficial to the whole body, from the brain to the bones.

That's right: it will help you lose weight while also improving your mental and physical health, lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease, depression, type 2 diabetes, and more

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Publication Date: May 5th, 2021
Pages: 102
Language: English

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