Nancy's Little One: A Lesbian Mommy Domme trains her baby girl in the MDLG kink (Paperback)

Nancy's Little One: A Lesbian Mommy Domme trains her baby girl in the MDLG kink Cover Image
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A tantalizing lesbian MDLG and ABDL themed love story for the age play fetishist.

Loren has a secret. A secret she finds so shameful that she buries it with her drug of choice, sex. Nancy knew Loren's secret from the moment she locked eyes on her. She forces the lid open on Loren's most private world, bringing her face to face with her biggest fears. Guiding her as only a Mommy Domme can.

This story is the perfect book for baby girls to read alone or to snuggle up with their Mommy Dommes for sexy story time.

Please note: This story contains heavy sexually explicit content, MDLG, MDLB, Age Play and ABDL themes. It features diaper changes (wet), lactation, spanking, punishment, Dominants and submissives. The characters in this book are consenting adults engaged in a variety of kinky, fun activities and this novel is intended for adult readers only.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781922334114
ISBN-10: 1922334111
Publisher: Tina Moore
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2019
Pages: 102
Language: English

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