Good Questions for Math Teaching: Why Ask Them and What to Ask, Grades 5-8, Second Edition (Paperback)

Good Questions for Math Teaching: Why Ask Them and What to Ask, Grades 5-8, Second Edition Cover Image
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Good Questions for Math Teaching: Why Ask Them and What to Ask, Grades 5-8, Second Edition
  • What is a good question?
  • How do I create a good question?
  • How might I use a good question in my mathematics classroom?
Not only does this powerful resource answer these questions, it also provides more than 375 examples of open-ended tasks, in question format, to support you in creating dynamic learning environments and helping students make sense of math. Designed as a supplement to your mathematics curriculum, the tasks can be seamlessly embedded within lessons and units of study, used for warm-up routines and review, and incorporated into assessments. The second edition of this popular resource includes all-time favorite questions as well as new ones!

Questions cover number relationships (factors and multiples, even and odd, polygonal numbers, integers); multiplication and proportional reasoning; fractions, decimals, and percentages; geometry (two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes); algebraic thinking; data analysis and probability; and measurement (temperature, time, length, weight, area and perimeter, length and perimeter, volume and capacity).

About the Author

Lainie Schuster, a classroom teacher for more than forty years, is currently the Head of Lower School and fifth-grade math teacher at the Fay School in Southborough, Massachusetts. She is the author of A Month-to-Month Guide: Fourth-Grade Math and Enriching Your Math Curriculum, Grade 5: A Month-to-Month Resource.
Nancy Anderson is a mathematics educator in the Boston area. She is the coauthor of Talk Moves: A Teachers’ Guide for Using Classroom Discussion in Math and Good Questions for Math Teaching, High School. She earned her doctorate in mathematics education from Boston University in 2012.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781935099772
ISBN-10: 1935099779
Publisher: Math Solutions
Publication Date: October 13th, 2020
Pages: 336

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