Werewolves, Dogmen, and Other Shapeshifters Stalking North America (Paperback)

Werewolves, Dogmen, and Other Shapeshifters Stalking North America Cover Image
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Have you ever been driving, alone, at night, and know that what you saw along the side of the road was not human? Do you ever wonder just what was howling on your last camping trip? Have you ever felt your skin crawl as you passed by that hitchhiker in the fog?

Join Pamela K. Kinney as she explores the North American tales and mythology that deal with shapeshifting frights. From the arid deserts of the American Southwest to the dense forest of the American Northwest, and even farther north to the Last Frontier of Alaska; from the Midwest to the Appalachian Mountains, continuing to the Atlantic Ocean in the east and down south to Florida, the tales of were-beasts are myriad-and hauntingly similar.

With all these stories spanning cultures and landscapes, might there be some spark of truth to them?

Researching books, movies, and legends, Pamela K. Kinney leaves nothing unturned in her quest to discern the truth about the shapeshifters staking North America.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781954214071
ISBN-10: 1954214073
Publisher: Dreampunk Press
Publication Date: April 26th, 2022
Pages: 314
Language: English

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