Father's Choice (Paperback)

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Joel Etheridge purposed to wait his entire life, if he had to, for that "once in a lifetime love". He never expected that love to walk into his offices on Music Row, incredibly talented, but as irritating and stubborn as she was beautiful. Those who had known Joel for years were quick to point out that his premature gray hair only became evident after Meredith Clark blew into town.

Meredith's careless lifestyle is one of innocent self-indulgence, harmless, for the most part. She seems to have no use for shoes, would rather fish all day than attend social events and wouldn't wash a window or clean a fridge, if her life depended on it. Her fuse is short but her temper burns out quickly. She is a chart-topping, award-winning songwriter and musician. Joel Etheridge is credited for her meteoric rise to the top of the industry, but he will have cause to wonder if his involvement with Meredith Clark's career caused more harm than good.

Each of them has a past that neither will talk about. Eventually, their bad choices catch up with them. One of Meredith's bad choices is Cagle Lawrence, a man who emerges from her past, threatening to expose her in a humiliating way that would end her career overnight.

What lengths will Joel Etheridge go to, to protect the woman he desperately loves?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218269920
Publisher: Grace Under Pressure Publishing
Publication Date: September 25th, 2023
Pages: 354
Language: English

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