Taste Of Europe: 5 Cookbooks In 1: Discover Over 400 Easy And Traditional Recipes From The Old World All In One Book (Paperback)

Taste Of Europe: 5 Cookbooks In 1: Discover Over 400 Easy And Traditional Recipes From The Old World All In One Book Cover Image
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Are you looking for a French and Nordic cookbook?In this 5 books in 1 edition, you will find over 450 recipes for traditional and classic European dishes.

In the first book, French Home Cooking, you will learn traditional and modern French recipes.

Paris. Croissant. The most delicious pastry. Fancy food. Michelin started restaurants. French Riviera and Normandy shores. All this and a lot more is France.

In French Home Cooking by Adele Tyler you will learn:

  • History of French food and its evolution
  • How to cook French dishes at home
  • French pastry cookbook for homemade croissant, baguette and bread with chocolate

In the second book, Nordic Cookbook, you will discover amazing Scandinavian recipes easy to prepare at home.

Visiting the biggest cities and the smallest town in the fjords is a once in a lifetime experience, but you can get more out from the trip, for instance taking back home amazing recipes from one of the oldest cuisine tradition in the world.

In this Nordic Cookbook about Scandinavian cuisine you will:

  • Discover 20 truly Swedish recipes, including the most amazing and traditional Fika.
  • Explore 20 Danish recipes, from breakfast to dinner, for heating your body and soul
  • Enjoy 20 ancient recipes from Vikings cookbooks, eating like a warrior, tasting the real flavors of nature

In the third book, Greek Cookbook, you will discover over 80 recipes for traditional and modern dishes from Greece.

Wheat. Olive oil. Wine. Cheese. Salad and tomatoes. Fresh, tasteful and healthy cooking is a solid pillar for all the people living on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

In Greek Cookbook by Adele Tyler you will learn:

  • Over 80 recipes for amazing Greek dishes at home
  • Healthy food recipes for Mediterranean diet
  • Mediterranean cuisine at its best: gyros, feta, ladotyri, dolmades and moussaka

In the fourth book, Italian Cookbook by Adele Tyler, you will learn how to prepare traditional Italian dishes at home.

Someone might state that the real pizza can be found only in Naples, the real Risotto alla Milanese only in Milan and the most authentic Fiorentina Steak can be tasted only in Florence. Despite it might be true, traditional recipes from all over Italy can be easily cooked at home.

In Italian Home Cooking by Adele Tyler you will learn:

  • Italian recipes from Norther, Centre and Southern Italy
  • Mediterranean Diet recipes of healthy eating and lifestyle
  • Spaghetti, Veal, Fiorentina Steak, Risotto, Pizza and more tasty recipes from Italy

In the fifth book, Tapas Cookbook, you will learn how to cook delicious recipes from Spanish tradition.

A tapa is a small Spanish dish that despite might look like an appetizer is more a different way of having a meal. Tapas are often combined creating a whole meal, especially over dinner and they are appreciated for the variety of the ingredients.

In Tapas Cookbook by Adele Tyler you will learn:

  • Over 80 recipes for fish, meat and vegetarian tapas
  • Traditional Spanish recipes cookbook
  • History of tapas and Spanish food

If you want to try something different and impress family and friends, this cookbook is for you

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