Eve's Diary: with original illustrations (Paperback)

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The diary started when the first woman in the Bible named Eve was one day old. Eve felt that she was just an experiment and nothing more. she kept on wondering about such things. She was so curious about God's creations that surrounded her, and all she did was to observe the moon, the mountains and most of all, the stars. Eve was trying to reach the stars and get even just one of them for her to put something on her hair.Until she knew that there was another human being named Adam and came up with the idea of following him around. At first, Adam ignored her but she did her best to get his scrutiny. Then they became friends and she began designing everything in her surroundings. When Adam ignored her, Eve seeks comfort with her so called "sister" - her reflection in a pool of water.After that, she then made some examinations or experiments with the fire. Unfortunately, she accidentally set a fire all over the forest. Suddenly, there was something strange that struck her, and it was an unusual discovery for her - it was the feelings of fear.Eve was going on such long expeditions away from Adam with her friends - the animals. She was again being extremely curious about all she saw around her.Then her diary bounded forward to the future, after they sinned against God (The Fall of the Garden Eden). Adam and Eve became an affectionate couple and Eve considered on the essence of her intimate love for Adam.She determined that she loved him because he was hers and he was macho.The diary ended after 40 years later, when Eve was believing about her death. She said that she would like to die first because Adam was stronger. She said that she will be depressed and couldn't live without him. After all, Adam had a thought at eve's graveside. Even wheresoever she was, there was still Eden.

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ISBN: 9798732256437
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2021
Pages: 72
Language: English

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