Vietnamese And French Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: Learn How To Prepare Traditional Recipes From Vietnam And France (Paperback)

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Are you looking for a cookbook with 140 easy recipes from Vietnamese and France?In this 2 books in 1 edition by Maki Blanc you will find 140 recipes for cooking at home traditional Vietnamese and French food.

In the first book, French Cookbook, you will find 70 recipes for cooking at home traditional French food.

French cuisine is one of the oldest cooking traditions in Europe. From the easiest popular dish to the most fancy duck royale, cooking in France has always been taken a serious matter. It is easy to guess the origin of the first chefs: Paris.

Why France has always been so into cooking and fine cuisine? The main reason is historical. Since King Luis XIV in mid 1600 the French territory has always been rich and people exited sooner compared to other European Countries from a stage of poverty and countryside lifestyle. The new upper class started to value food and fine dining, hiring professional cooks for parties and everyday's life, ending up in creating a real school for chefs preparing young students for what would have become a regular job.

The other reason for the richness of the French cuisine can be spotted in the high quality ingredients that the French territory is capable to produce. With lot of space for farming and raising animals, the quality of the ingredients have always been superior. Of course, when superior ingredients match people's desire for high end food, only the best recipes and dishes can come out from the mix.

In French Cookbook by Maki Blanc you will learn:

  • 70 recipes for preparing at home classic French dishes
  • 70 recipes for cooking authentic French food
  • History of French food and its evolution

If you like fine dining and are willing to prepare at home tasty and amazing recipes, this cookbook is for you.

In the second book, Vietnamese Cookbook, you will learn 70 recipes for traditional Thai food.

Lemongrass. Ginger. Mint. Coriander. Green onion. Spearmint. Do these ingredients sound familiar? They surely are widely used in nowadays kitchens, but they set the ground for one of the most amazing cooking tradition in the world: the Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese food is rooted in the centuries and has a long tradition as almost every Asian cuisine. Despite using traditional ingredients and spices, it got highly influenced by the French cuisine, that brought techniques and elegance to raw strong and tasty local ingredients.

Traditional Vietnamese cooking is based on fresh ingredients, dairy products, meet and chicken and spices. It resembles low sugar content and is almost gluten free, largely using rice for pastry and noodles. The most famous dishes are well known everywhere in the world, having in B n b Huế, a spicy beef noodle soup and Pho, another rich yet delicate soup, the two most relevant representatives.

In Vietnamese Cookbook by Maki Blanc you will learn:

  • How to cook Vietnamese food at home
  • Over 100 recipes for traditional Vietnamese dishes
  • How to use spices in Asian cuisines
  • 100 recipes for Vietnamese food

If you love Asian flavors, from spices to tea, from stir-fry to wok cooking, this Vietnamese cookbook is for you

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