The Ultimate European Cookbook: 120+ Recipes For Classic French And Spanish Dishes (Paperback)

The Ultimate European Cookbook: 120+ Recipes For Classic French And Spanish Dishes By Craig Pecker Cover Image
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In the first cookbook, French Cookbook by Craig pecker you will discover the 120 most famous and easy to make recipes from French cuisine.

From the vineyards in Bordeaux to the European gastronomic capital, Lyon. From the most amazing Michelin Starred restaurants in Paris to the reign of Champagne. From Normandy to French Riviera, France has one of the most amazing territories in the whole world.

If even the chef as a profession has French origins, there must be a reason. French cuisine is rich, mostly due to the local ingredients and a generous territory and its recipes are gorgeous, sophisticated but easy to be made at home.

In European Cookbook by CRAIG PECKER you will learn:

  • How to prepare traditional French food at home
  • 120 recipes for the all time classic French dishes
  • 120 recipes with a bit of history and interesting facts for getting to know better the French cuisine

    In you like Mediterranean flavors and you are looking for something new for your dinners with friends and family, this cookbook is for you

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ISBN: 9798761636637
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 7th, 2021
Pages: 100
Language: English

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