Rainy Day Books Book Club will discuss The Distance Home by Paula Saunders

EVENT OVERVIEW AND FORMAT:  Rainy Day Books will Present a Book Club Discussion of The Distance Home by Paula Saunders.  Mary McBride, Bookseller, will discuss The Distance Home in detail with the Attendees.  Paula Saunders will FaceTime with our Book Club and discuss Author aspects of The Distance Home.

ABOUT THE BOOK:  In the years after World War II, the bleak yet beautiful plains of South Dakota still embody all the contradictions—the ruggedness and the promise—of the old frontier.  This is a place where you can eat strawberries from wild vines, where lightning reveals a boundless horizon, where descendants of white settlers and native Indians continue to collide, and where, for most, there are limited options.  René shares a home, a family, and a passion for dance with her older brother, Leon.  Yet for all they have in common, their lives are on remarkably different paths.  In contrast to René, a born spitfire, Leon is a gentle soul.  The only boy in their ballet class, Leon silently endures often brutal teasing. Meanwhile, René excels at everything she touches, basking in the delighted gaze of their father, whom Leon seems to disappoint no matter how hard he tries.  As the years pass, René and Leon’s parents fight with increasing frequency—and ferocity.  Their father—a cattle broker—spends more time on the road, his sporadic homecomings both yearned for and dreaded by the children.  And as René and Leon grow up, they grow apart.  They grasp whatever they can to stay afloat—a word of praise, a grandmother’s outstretched hand, the seductive attention of a stranger—as René works to save herself, crossing the border into a larger, more hopeful world, while Leon embarks on a path of despair and self-destruction.  Tender, searing, and unforgettable, The Distance Home is a profoundly American story spanning decades—a tale of haves and have-nots, of how our ideas of winning and losing, success and failure, lead us inevitably into various problems with empathy and caring for one another.  It’s a portrait of beauty and brutality in which the Author’s compassionate narration allows us to sympathize, in turn, with everyone involved.

DATE & TIME:  Monday, June 10, 2019, from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

LOCATION:  Rainy Day Books in The Fairway Shops, 2706 W 53rd Street, Fairway, KS 66205

ADMISSION PACKAGE PER PERSON (ADMITS 1 PERSON PLUS 1 SOFTCOVER):  $16.00 plus Kansas Sales Tax includes 1 Reservation, and 1 Softcover of The Distance Home.

THIS BOOK CLUB IS FULL:  At this time, this Book Club has full attendance each Month.  We encourage you to explore the meetings of our Contemporary Book Club, and our Mystery Book Club, as alternatives.

DISCLAIMER:  All Event Sales are Final, Non-Refundable and Non-Exchangeable.

Event date: 
Monday, June 10, 2019 - 6:30pm
Event address: 
Rainy Day Books in The Fairway Shops
2706 W 53rd Street
Fairway, KS 66205
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